THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION SODALITY: This is a group of women, consecrated to Mary, who come together in honour of and in service to The Immaculate Conception. The Members of the Sodality pattern their lives on that of Mary and strive for holiness of life through charitable works and Christian witness. They promise to honor and venerate her through Marian prayer to support and enhance the Prayer Ministry in the Parish, and as devoted Apostles of Mary, they are available for the pastoral and apostolic needs of the Parish.For more information about this group and their contributions to the Church, please contact Mrs. Bernadette Chamoun.
CHURCH CHOIR: We have a wonderful church choir. We thank them for their participation and continued service. We also welcome all others who would like to join the choir. Please contact Fr. Michel for more details.

Saint Charbel Family


Sabibeh Junior

Bible Study

Frist Communion preparation


ARABIC SCHOOL: Held every Saturday from 2:00 pm till 5:00 pm. Encourage your children from 5 years and up to learn our native language.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: We offer a Sunday School program that runs weekly during morning Mass on Sunday. The focus of this program is to offer bible studies to children in a fun and interactive environment. The program is taught in English. We do not teach Arabic language as this is not the focus of this program. This program is for children ages 5 years old to 12.