Welcome to Our Lady of Peace Maronite Catholic Parish of Calgary!

Our Lady of Peace was established to serve the Maronite Christian community of Calgary. We are a Christ-centered community, building a healthy congregation, committed to serving the spiritual needs of all Christian sects in our community.

The Maronite Catholic Church is one of the Syriac Eastern Catholic churches. It grew from the Maronite Spiritual Movement that was founded by Saint Maroun. Saint Maroun was known for his missionary work, healing and miracles, and teachings of a monastic devotion to God.

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  1. The Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary

    We will celebrate the Feast
    Sunday, March 24, 2019 at 11:30 AM
    The Ladies of Sodality will be selling Knaffa

  2. Sunday Reflection

    Observing Lent : Lent, or “As-Sawm” in Arabic, is the period of 40
    days (some churches count Sundays, others do not) before the Easter
    Feast. Traditionally, Lent is a period of fasting, prayer and penitence
    that culminates in Holy Week with the commemoration of Jesus
    Christ’s arrest, trial, crucifixion, burial and resurrection. The 40
    days are symbolic of the time that Jesus spent in the desert when he
    was tested by the Devil. Lent is a time for “reconsidering discipleship
    and examining life and obedience to God.”

    Despite their concurrence, the Great Lent of the Maronite Church is
    not the same as the Lent of the Roman Catholic Church, a fact that
    reflects the unique historical position of this community of Catholics
    in the East. The Church, which is western by virtue of its longstanding
    communion with Rome, is also eastern in that it uses an eastern
    rite and Syriac liturgy, in addition to observing a more or less orthodox
    Lent. Maronites, unlike Roman Catholics, do count the Sundays
    in Lent as part of the 40 days, which means that the liturgical season
    begins two days earlier and ends a full week earlier, marking off Holy
    Week as a separate liturgical period. Fasting, however, lasts
    through Holy Week to Easter, adding up to a total of eight weeks.

  3. Saint Joseph Feast

    We Will celebrate the Feast of Saint Joseph The Chaste on Sunday,
    April 17th, 2019 at 11:30 a.m. After the Holy Mass The Ladies will
    be selling Falafel at the Church Hall.

  4. Ash Monday

    Ashes will be distributed
    Ash Monday,
    March 4th, 2019 during the Holy Mass at 6:30 PM

  5. Processions (Stations) of the Cross

    The Procession of the Cross and the Ziyah will be held
    every Friday at 6:30 PM
    Starting Friday, March 8, 2019

  6. First Holy Communion Schedule

    FRIDAYS TIME: 6:30 P.M.
    February 15 – 1st class
    March 8, March 15, March 29, April 12, April 26
    May 10 – Last class
    Sunday June 2 @ 11:30 – I would love if all children could be at Church so they can all sit together and take part in communion together

  7. March Feasts 2019

    Day 14: Saint Frousia (+412)
    Day 15: Saint Benedict, father of monasticism in the West (480-547)
    Day 16: Saint Babas, martyr
    – Second Ecumenical Council (Constantinople 381)
    Day 17: Saint Lazarus, whom Our Lord Jesus raised from the dead.
    Day 18: Saint Cyril, bishop of Jerusalem
    – Saint Joseph from Rama or Arimathea
    Day 19: Saint Joseph, spouse of Our Lady the Virgin Mary
    Day 18: – Saint Cyril, bishop of Jerusalem
    – Saint Joseph from Rama or Arimathea
    Day 19: Saint Joseph, spouse of Our Lady the Virgin
    Day 20: – Saint Fotina of Samaria (John 4:5-42)
    – Saint Silwanos.
    Day 21: Saint Sebastian
    Day 22: Saint Serge Paul & Pope Leo the IX.
    Day 23: Saint Rafqa, a Lebanese nun (1832-1914)
    Day 24: Saint Artamon, bishop of Selokia

  8. Statue of the Virgin Mary

    If You are Interested in Taking the Statue of the Virgin Mary for one week, please register your name on the sheet on the table.

  9. Priest Appointment

    Please who have a sick, elderly, family or anyone who needs the priest to visit or assistance; please call the priest to arrange an appointment spiritual, social or moral. We accompany all the families in this blessed parish with our prayers

  10. Questionnaire Form

    To all parishioners of Our Lady of Peace Church. The Church rectory distributed a Questionnaire Form to be returned to update all the addresses in the Parish’s directory.

  11. Arabic Class

    Every Saturday from 2:30 p.m. till 4:30 PM
    Encourage your children from 5 years to 12 to learn our native language

  12. Sunday School

    We will resume the Sunday School in the second
    Sunday of January 13, 2019.

  13. Family Night

    You are all invited to gather every Friday at the Church
    hall. We start by thanking God in the Holy Mass at 6:30 pm.

  14. Suggestions?

    If you have any suggestions to enhance
    the spiritual, educational, or physical needs of the parish, please let us know.