Welcome to Our Lady of Peace Maronite Catholic Parish of Calgary!

Our Lady of Peace was established to serve the Maronite Christian community of Calgary. We are a Christ-centered community, building a healthy congregation, committed to serving the spiritual needs of all Christian sects in our community.

The Maronite Catholic Church is one of the Syriac Eastern Catholic churches. It grew from the Maronite Spiritual Movement that was founded by Saint Maroun. Saint Maroun was known for his missionary work, healing and miracles, and teachings of a monastic devotion to God.

504, 30th Avenue N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2M 2N6
PHONE: (403) 289-8954
FAX: (403) 284-1202

For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.

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  1. Holy Week Program

    Passion Monday April the 6th, 2020
    Holy Mass + Procession of the Cross at 6:30 p.m.
    قداس وزياح الصليب

    Passion Tuesday April the 7th, 2020
    Holy Mass + Procession of the Cross at 6:30 p.m.
    قداس وزياحالصليب

    Passion Wednesday April the 8th, 2020
    Holy Mass + Rite of the Lamp at 6:30 p.m.
    قداس ورتبة القنديل

    Thursday of the Mysteries April the 9th, 2020
    Holy Mass at 6:30 p.m.

    Great Friday of the Crucifixion April the 10th, 2020
    Signing of the Chalice at 10:00 a.m.
    قداس السابق تقديسه

    Adoration of the Holy Cross at 6:30 p.m.
    رتبة دفن المسيح

    Great Saturday of the Light April the 11th, 2020
    Prayer of Forgiveness at 12:00 Noon
    صلاة الغفران

    Great Sunday of the Resurrection April the 12th, 2020
    قداس القيامة

    Monday April the 13th, 2020
    GREETINGS OF MARY قداس تهنئة العذراء Holy Mass at 6:30 p.m.


  2. Liturgical Measures

    Liturgical celebrations with the physical participation of the faithful will continue to be suspended in Our Lady of Peace Maronite Catholic Parish of Calgary indefinitely. Therefore, the celebrations of Holy Week will be celebrated in accordance with the decree issued on March 14, 2020 by Eparchy of Saint Maron Canada.

  3. First Communion

    First Communion has been postponed until November 2020 due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

  4. “A great crowd, says the gospel, took branches and went out to meet him”.

    The crowd carried palms and olive branches: The palm expressing victory; the olive tree, peace. Let us go to meet Jesus by paying tribute to his strength and tenderness, offering him, at the same time, our victories and our peace: our victories over ourselves and over sin-which are in fact his victories and our inner peace that flows from His peace. “People laid their coats on the way.” By example of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, let us throw our clothes at the feet of Jesus, throw at our feet everything that sticks to our skin: our possessions, our bad habits, our false security, our false appearances, our external goods, and above all, our ideas, our desires, our feelings. May the triumphant King deliver us from it. May all that is precious to Him be submitted to him and offered.

    On this Palm Sunday, let’s meet the coming King … Let us rejoice and exalt Him. Like the branches of palms and olive trees, let us raise our voices to him in praise. Let us implore Him by shouting to Him our “Hosanna”: “Save us, we beg you! Thank you, save us! Thanks, free us! “Hosanna … Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”. Amen

  5. During this pandemic, our faith community needs us even more. Please remember to keep supporting our parish with weekly or recurring donations. Giving to the offertory at Mass, helps carry out the mission of Jesus. 100% of funds donated will be transferred to our parish.

    As offering envelopes are not feasible at this time, we ask you to support the parish online through the following:

    1. e-Transfer to donations@maronitecalgary.com. Please add Donation to the Maronite Catholic Parish in the message.

    2. Mail a cheque payable to Maronite Catholic Parish of Calgary to our address at:

    Our Lady of Peace Parish
    Maronite Catholic Church
    504 30 Avenue N.W.
    Calgary, AB T2M 2N6

    All donors will receive a TAX RECEIPT.

    Thank you for your continued support to your parish.

  6. No Masses Will be Celebrated on Sunday

    Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Peace Parish,

    In an effort to keep our parishioners informed and as healthy as possible during this COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. The recommendations of our Eparchy, National and Local Health Departments are being followed.


    All other activities, social gatherings, prayer groups, bible study, Stations of the Cross and all youth events are suspended and are on hold until a further notice.

    Please note that this decision was not made lightly as we all wish to pray, celebrate and share all occasions together as one family.

    We are following the recommendations of our Shepherd, Bishop Paul M. Tabet in conjunction with our National and Local Health Professionals in regards to this matter.

    Please pray for one another’s health and well being, those who are ill, and those who care for them.

    Yours in Christ,

    Father Michel Kassas

    Diffusion Messe Eparchie St Maron

    Letter to Parishes-Precaution COVID-19-Calgary-English Version

    Letter to Parishes- Precaution COVID-19-Calgary-Arabic Version

  7. Mass Intentions

    Please you can offer your Mass Intention of your beloved ones or any intention you want to pray for. by sending email to fathermichel@maronitecalgary.com

  8. Suggestions?

    If you have any suggestions to enhance the spiritual, educational, or physical needs of the parish, please let us know by emailing Father Michel at FatherMichel@MaroniteCalgary.com