Zacharias means “Yah remembers”. God remembers the plea of this couple. God remembers the plea of the people who “pray” and “wait” for “a savior“. God is strong” is the meaning of Gabriel’s name. Elizabeth means “My God is fullness”. Unlike Zacharias, Elizabeth accepts wholeness without conditions. She is docile and discreetly tastes the joys of this impossible pregnancy for five months. Luke’s text shows that Elizabeth was spiritually fruitful. Zechariah was silenced to prevent him from polluting her entourage with her objections. For her part, Elizabeth “shrouds herself in secrecy for five months”. Luke emphasizes the symbolism of the number five which expresses “the marriage of the heavenly and earthly principle”. How did Elizabeth foster this unconditional acceptance of God’s plan for her life? How did Elizabeth develop this docility to God’s unimaginable plans for her humble existence?

Elizabeth, is a permanent sanctuary of the Lord, she does not disturb and does not fear. She has given herself solid roots. She lets Providence work in her life.

Let us be like Elizabeth, and let us accept fullness even if it is realized differently from the normal order of things.