We can be the crowd: we can move, be there, hear the Word but never welcome it, never be touched, never get up. We can forget that this Word is made for LIFE to enter our lives. We can be the scribes: we can move, be there, hear the Word and remember only what is shocking, what is not in accordance with “laws”, habits, our convictions … We can have an opinion, a thought, words that make us search in depth that transforms lives. We can be the crowd and the scribes: and be touched only by the marvelous! We can be the group of 4 people: we can be the 4 men and allow “the paralyzed of this world” to meet Jesus.

By cultivating solidarity, making life more beautiful, we can be signs of the presence of Jesus Christ living among us. As Christians, we are called, like these people, to testify of our faith. Our testimony may enable others to become aware of it and to meet Jesus Christ. We can be paralyzed: we can be paralyzed in our body, but there are also other ways to be paralyzed, by evil and let sin invade us, govern us, push us to act selfishly and move us away from God. We can be Jesus: God trusts us; this confidence that leads us to be in solidarity with the earth, with man, with the future of the world.