Testimony of the First Disciples

“Come and you’ll see.” Jesus uses the same words to call all his disciples. It is Christ who calls and it is up to man to answer. None of the disciples are alike. They come from all walks of life and all have different personalities and talents. Jesus chooses his disciples from among sinners, even the most hardened. Christ looks beyond sin. He sees the potential of the person and raises him to the highest level by inviting him to be his disciple. He could have chosen men who were more holy or smarter. He read in their hearts and he saw their generous spirit eager to know and live the truth.

“And they stayed with him”. The decision made freely to follow Christ is the great-est moment in the life of the disciple. The Christian who understands his purpose in life knows that true happiness is found by saying ‘yes’ to Christ. Yet it is never easy, because Christ asks for unconditional commitment and this implies three virtues:
Faith: total faith in Christ even when we do not understand everything.
Humility: to know that without Christ we can do nothing.
Sacrifice: to detach our heart from the world to love Christ without reserve.