Salvation came to Zacchaeus’s house because at first Zacchaeus was truly in search of his Lord: “He sought to see who Jesus was.”

In the midst of the worries of his profession, tired of the contempt of others, disgusted with so many years lost in defrauding justice, Zacchaeus had only one idea, only one face, only one name in mind: Jesus.

Before Jesus, he could explain himself; with Jesus he could start his life over again. Our problem, too often, is that we have said goodbye to starting over, and that we have dragged our lives halfway, resigning ourselves to compromises. Another secret of Zacchaeus is to know his limits, and to act accordingly. With his small size, he could have, lost in the crowd, been defeated. But no: living hope makes him inventive.

Whatever the handicap: to see Jesus, he will find a trick! Turning our impotence into a desire for encounter, what strength it would be for us! But we are afraid to be alone on the sycamore, to be small in the eyes of all, and that is what paralyzes us.