One day, Dominique Savio was asked what he would do if he were to die that day.
Without hesitation, he replied, “I would continue to play”. He could continue to play because he was already living every moment of his life doing God’s will.
So he had nothing to change. He did not know when God would call him, but he was ready to go at the first

The Lord reminds us that we must always be vigilant and prepared for our encounter with him. At midnight, or at any time, He can ring at our door to invite us to receive the Lord.
Death does not make an appointment in advance. Thus «you know neither the day nor the hour» (Mt 25:13). Being vigilant does not mean living in fear and anguish. This means living with responsibility our lives as children of God, our lives of faith, hope and charity. The Lord continually awaits our constant and patient response of faith and love in the midst of our daily occupations and concerns that shape our future.