September Feasts 2019

Day 19: Saint Gennao (305) of Napoli.
Day 20: Astatios, his wife and children, martyrs.
Day 21: Saint Kozratos & Theodoros, martyr.
Day 22: Saint Fawqa, martyr.
Day 23: Announcement to Zachariah & Prophet Jonah.
Day 24: Saint Takla, first female martyr.
Day 25: Saint Pfnotios, confessor & Saint Frosina.
Day 26: Saint John the evangelist.
Day 27: Saint Leos I, pope & Saint Caloppa the disciple (one of the 72 disciples of Jesus)
Day 28: Saint Khariton & Saint Dalmatos.
Day 29: Saint Rohana, or Kyriakos the hermit.
Day 30: Memorial of the engagement of the Virgin Mary to Saint Joseph.