Why is John the Baptist, instead of going through all Judea to proclaim Jesus in all places, standing on the banks of the Jordan, waiting to make him known, that the Savior should come and find him? Because he reserved this mission to the very works of Jesus Christ. If another had gone through Judea to proclaim Jesus Christ, he could have been accused of acting with a very human motive, and his preaching would have given rise to a thousand suspicions. But see how John the Baptist bears witness not only to the voice, but to the eyes: «And as Jesus advanced, he said, Behold the Lamb of God». John the Baptist’s speech contained no prayer, no request, he merely expressed his admiration at the sight of Jesus, he called him the Lamb par excellence.

John sees our vocation as a response to the words of Jesus “Come and see”. This is an invitation to come to know Jesus. With this word: «Come», Christ invites us to active life, and with this other: «See», to contemplative life.