Mary is a simple girl; all humble, deeply believing. The visit of the angel does not surprise her too much; but she draws no pride from it. On the contrary, she says herself to be the handmaid of the Lord and accepts that God’s will be done in her, knowing well that it will affect her whole life and not for a single moment! She believes, she lives her faith in obedience.

She was to be the mother of God! Through Mary’s yes, through her faith and obedience, the history of our salvation begins concretely!

If Mary had not said yes, what would have happened? The «Most Holy Virgin» also had her freedom of reply! She chose to say “Yes”, to obey God, to surrender herself totally to him.

Let us contemplate Mary in her simplicity, in her faith, in the offering she makes of herself. And let us ask the Lord for the grace to know, like Mary, to say yes to his call in our daily life.